Mark, Kitchener ON

I'm thrilled with the neck Erik made for me. He helped me pick the wood and he accommodated a lot of specific custom requests that I wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else. He also did some creative troubleshooting to make a decal from another supplier work, and it looks great. This is my first neck from Hansen Kustoms but it definitely won't be my last.

Carson, Toronto

I've been through countless basses and always found something I liked in the next one but missed what I liked about its predecessor. Finally being fed up with the compromise, I reached out to Erik (who recently did a refinish for me) and while he admitted he hadn't built many basses, he was up for the challenge. I some exact specs in regards to nutwidth, body shape and certain pickups I provided but his selection of the most beautiful roasted maple neck and how he put it all together put this thing way over my expectations. It's the best playing Precision Bass I have ever touched and its absolutely beautiful.

Don, Bolton, Ontario

Another terrific build Erik!! Very light and so potent! The neck is fantastic and the body/neck weight is perfectly balanced. Beautiful roasted maple neck and the gold painted body is stunning! Looking forward to our next project bro!

Arie, Thornhill

Just picked up my 3rd project from Erik yesterday. He built me a beautiful tele neck for a very special guitar that had developed a bit of a hump in the board. He sourced an incredible piece of roasted birds eye maple. Guitar now plays and looks great. Get your project done by Erik. He work is worth way more than he charges.

Marshall T, Toronto

I recently supplied Erik with an aftermarket swamp ash Telecaster body and he built a gorgeous flame maple/rosewood neck to fit, and assembled the electronics and hardware into a rock-solid instrument, including some subtle and tasteful relicing. Even though the guitar is cosmetically accurate as a mid-60s Tele, Erik made a number of excellent suggestions that I'm glad I went with, including stainless steel frets, a 4-way switch, 2-way truss rod, and an 'invisible' binding technique on the rosewood fretboard. These subtle mods definitely improve the playability, serviceability, and tone versus the original Telecaster design. I've seen guitars come out of the US Custom Shop that don't compare to this Tele, and have a price tag five times higher than the budget of my guitar. My Tele feels like and sounds like a great 50-year old instrument, and I'm looking forward to using it onstage and in the studio. I'd highly recommend Erik if you're looking to build a truly pro custom guitar.

Garvan, Toronto

Erik, thanks for the work on new neck*! An unexpected benefit, the guitar has more volume and sustain, and just more tone overall. Maybe it is a side effect of the thicker and stiffer neck, or maybe just better quality wood than the original neck. * Erik built a 1-inch soft-v replacement neck for my Strat, with jumbo stainless steel frets.

Connor D., Lake Charles, LA

Just purchased a used telecaster through Guitar Center online. I was immediately drawn to the modified look, but the selling point for me was that a P-90 had been added in the neck position with the standard single coil in the bridge and the "lipstick" pickup shifted to a middle position. The guitar had also been outfitted with a blue pearloid pickguard and black Gotoh tuners, which complement the guitar's black finish very nicely. I was ecstatic to find such a versatile and aesthetically pleasing instrument. The week of shipping was the longest of my life and when I received the guitar, I noticed a hand-written inscription on the back of the headstock that read, "Modified by Erik Hansen : )". Suddenly it all made sense. I'm so happy with this guitar. It has functionality and attitude to spare. I would give Mr. Hansen my fu endorsement and I'll certainly be a customer going forward. Thanks, Erik!

Brian Gervais, Toronto

(H)Great price exactly what i wanted recommend to all Thanks.

Jeremy S, Newmarket

I recently had my 2001 Les Paul Studio outfitted with a Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Preamp. This required some routing of the body and installation of the preamp. A three-way switch and dual input jacks were also installed. Erik wired the whole thing up exact to my specifications. This mod has made my job easier on stage which make me a very happy man! I'm already planning a nut replacement and a re-fret for the future as well as other mod projects!

Tobin, toronto

Had my Hansen Strat for 2 weeks now and it is a fantastic instrument. Definitely the best strat I've ever played, with my friends Hansen strat coming in a close second :) First of all, Erik really nailed the colour - seafoam, which is incredibly hard to pull off correctly, and his closet classic shade really nailed what I was going for. He suggested a cocobolo rosewood fretboard, which I'm glad he did because the neck feels and plays amazing. The body is light, resonant and contoured very nicely. Erik was extremely easy to deal with and we exchanged many emails discussing the details, he was always quick to reply and very helpful. I've been through alot of strats over the years but always parted with them because they somehow felt cheap compared to my prs and hollow bodies, but not so with this one - when you pick it up you can instantly feel the craftmanship and love that went into it. It has that extra mojo/vibe that you get from a vintage guitar, which is exactly what I wanted and impossible to put a price on. Of course, it also sounds amazing and is very inspiring to play, I would recommend Erik's work to anyone.

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